welcome to arendesai.com

I'm a deep learning engineer, data scientist, and guitar player.
I've optimized this website with Django to save energy. And time.

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Completed projects that can be accessed from the web

An easy-to-download CSV of the degree days for all states and USA total between two given years. Put the same year twice for one year. IMPORTANT: Any degree day per month from the CPC that couldn't be measured was recorded as -999 in their database, but this was switched to 0 to avoid errors.

A page where I sometimes store some of my photos.

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Projects I'm proud of.

An AI assistant built with GPT3.5, OpenAI Whisper, YOLO detection, and ElevenLabs voice synthesization.

A custom arcade game based on competitive Pokemon developed with Pygame and no imported template, framework, or engine.

A Keras LSTM trained on Tech stock data with a frontend built with Java for speed.

A mod for Stardew Valley to allow the termination of NPCs. Written in C#.


Fall 2025 undergraduate student of computer science & data science @ UW - Madison.

A concise report with cited papers to provide background on the evidence. The paper explores the need for better sustainability education in the USA.
(introduction to education policy // ed pol 140)

A thorough exploration of similarity in GPUs spanning multiple decades. Includes PCA, K-NN, K-Means, and spectral clustering, as well as various statistical descriptions of the dataset.
(applied multivatiate analysis // stats 456)